DIFFRACTION 2000 - Pictures

A. Arkhipov, L. Jenkovszky, R. Fiore, M. Filippi Paccanoni, F. Paccanoni, A. Lengyel

E. Predazzi and W. Guryn

P. Landshoff, N. Besarab and one of the Bronzes of Riace

A. Kaidalov and D. Haidt during a coffee break

J. Whitmore and W. Guryn during a coffee break

A. Papa and A. Arkhipov (on the background, students of the University of Calabria)

Some of the young participants during an evening excursion in Cittadella, near Cetraro

E. Martynov, M. Kotsky and V. Magas during one of the social events