DIFFRACTION 2000 - Scientific Program

The Workshop will start on

Saturday, September 2

according to the following schedule:






The scientific program is organized in

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Sunday, September 3

9:00 9:30 Acknowledgements and sponsorships
chairman: G. Susinno
9:30 10:00 E. Predazzi Opening talk
Diffraction: retrospectives and perspectives
SESSION: "Diffraction and surroundings" I
10:00 10:30 E. Chiavassa Experiments with heavy ions at CERN SPS; from hadronic to deconfined matter
10:30 10:50 G. Smirnov Dynamics versus topology
in nuclear shadowing
10:50 11:10 Coffee break
chairman: P. Marage
SESSION: "Diffraction in hadron-hadron collisions" I
11:10 11:55  K. Goulianos  Diffraction in hadronic collisions
11:55 12:20 A. Santoro Hard diffraction at D0
12:20 12:40 F. Paccanoni A test of the Pomeron as a finite sum of gluon ladders in hadron-hadron scattering
12:40 13:00 N. Kochelev New anomalous trajectory
in Regge phenomenology
13:00 16:00 Lunch break
chairman: E. Predazzi
16:00 16:30 B.Z. Kopeliovich From soft to hard collisions and return
16:30 17:05 K. Goulianos   The diffractive structure function
at the Tevatron: CDF results
17:05 17:25 Coffee break
17:25 17:40 B. Nicolescu A possible two-component structure
of the nonperturbative pomeron
17:40 17:55 G. Matthiae Total cross sections
- from accelerators to cosmic rays
17:55 18:10 V.A. Petrov Hard diffraction and unitarity
18:10 18:25 E. Martynov Logarithmically rising h-h and gamma-h cross sections: model vs. experimental data
18:25 18:40 S. Troshin On impact parameter dependence of low-x structure functions
18:40 18:55 O. Selyugin Connections between sigmatot and AN: New approaches


Monday, September 4

chairman: L.N. Lipatov
SESSION: "Diffraction in
hadron-hadron collisions" II
9:00 9:30 A.B. Kaidalov Diffractive dissociation of hadrons
and photons at high energies
SESSION: "Diffraction in lepton-hadron collisions" 
9:30 10:15  H. Abramowicz  Diffraction at HERA
10:15 10:45 A.D. Martin Parton distributions
10:45 11:05 Coffee break
chairman: F. Paccanoni
11:05 11:30 L. Adamczyk Results on vector meson production
11:30 11:55 R. Wichmann Topology of the hadronic final state in diffractive DIS at HERA (including jet production)
11:55 12:10 D. Reyna Deeply virtual Compton scattering
(H1 and Zeus)
12:10 12:25 A. Freund Deeply virtual Compton scattering in NLO at HERA and HERMES
12:25 12:40 P. Thompson Open charm production at HERA
(H1 and Zeus)
12:40 13:00 D. Schildknecht DIS at low x:
generalized vector dominance
and the colour dipole picture
13:00 16:00 Lunch break
chairman: N.N. Nikolaev
16:00 16:30 E. Levin Soft Pomeron in QCD
16:30 17:00 L.L. Jenkovszky Connection between lepton- and hadron-induced diffraction phenomena
17:00 17:20 Coffee break
17:20 17:40 P. Marage Diffraction at HERA
- questions and prospects
17:40 17:55 A. De Roeck Total cross section and diffraction in gamma-gamma and gamma*-gamma* interactions at LEP
17:55 18:10 M. Capua F2D at low Q2 (H1 and Zeus)
18:10 18:25 A. Hayashigaki Polarized gluon distribution function
of nucleon in diffractive leptoproduction of charmonium
18:25 18:40 A. Likhoded Charm production in DIS and diffraction
18:40 19:10 A. Borissov Diffraction and deeply virtual Compton scattering at the intermediate W and Q2

Tuesday, September 5 


Wednesday, September 6

chairman: V.S. Fadin
SESSION: "Diffraction and surroundings" II
9:00 9:30 N.N. Nikolaev Color transparency
9:30 10:00 E. Gregores Color exchange and evaporation
10:00 10:20 M.B. Gay Ducati Finite gluon ladders in
hadronic collisions
10:20 10:35 R. Rittel Formation of color-singlet gluon-clusters
and inelastic diffractive scattering
10:35 10:55 Coffee break
chairman: L.L. Jenkovszky
SESSION: "Diffraction in QCD"
10:55 11:25 L.N. Lipatov Effective field theory for the high energy
processes in QCD and the BFKL pomeron
11:25 11:55 E. Levin Small x physics (and diffraction)
11:55 12:15 V.A. Khoze Higgs or dijet production
in double rapidity gap events
12:15 12:30 N. Zotov  The Pomeron intercept from BFKL gluon dynamics in heavy quark production at HERA
12:30 12:45 A. Kotikov Small x behaviour of parton distributions
12:45 13:00 G. Rodrigo QCD factorization with heavy quarks
13:00 16:00 Lunch break
chairman: A.B. Kaidalov
16:00 16:30 V.S. Fadin Nonforward BFKL equation at NLO
16:30 16:50 M.G. Ryskin Soft diffraction and elastic t-slope
at high Tevatron/LHC energies
16:50 17:10 D. Ivanov The light vector meson photoproduction
at large t
17:10 17:30 Coffee break
17:30 19:00    J. Dainton
   E. Levin
   A. Levy
Round table
20:00 - Social dinner

Thursday, September 7

chairman: K. Goulianos
CLOSING SESSION: "Future in experiments"
9:00 9:30 G. Matthiae The future of diffraction at LHC
9:30 10:00 A. Santoro The future of diffraction at Tevatron
10:00 10:30 J. Dainton  The future of diffraction at HERA
10:30 11:00 W. Guryn  The future of diffraction at RHIC
11:00 11:30 Coffee break
chairman: G. Susinno
11:30 12:30 P.V. Landshoff Summary talk
12:30 12:40 Greetings
13:00 - Lunch



F. Arash From constituent quark structure
to hadronic structure functions
A. Arkhipov Diffraction 2000: new scaling law in shadow dynamics
A. Favinha Martini The modified additive quark model applied to
the elastic and charge exchange pion proton reaction
M.I. Kotsky Strong bootstrap conditions
for the NLO gluon Reggeization in QCD
A. Lengyel Dumping of the HERA effect in DIS?
V. Magas Resonance masses and widths
from nonlinear Regge trajectories
T. Paulus Inelastic diffractive hadron-hadron scattering
in nonperturbative QCD
A. Shpenik The glueball masses in relativistic potential models
K. Suzuki Constraints on color dipole-nucleon cross section
from diffractive heavy quarkonium production