DIFFRACTION 2004 - Scientific Program

Saturday, September 18

17:00 20:00 Registration

Sunday, September 19

9:00 9:10 Acknowledgements and sponsorships
chairman: K. Goulianos
9:10 9:40 A. Bruni Diffraction at HERA
9:40 10:10 C. Royon Diffractive Higgs production at the LHC: results and open questions
10:10 10:40 F. Ferro TOTEM physics
10:40 11:10 Coffee break
chairman: M. Greco
11:10 11:40  W. Guryn  Preliminary Results from pp2pp Experiment at RHIC
11:40 12:10 S. White Recent results on inelastic diffraction scattering of pp, d-Au, Au-Au beams at RHIC
12:10 12:40 A. Bravar Spin dependence in polarized elastic pC -> pC and pp -> pp scattering at very low momentum transfer t
12:40 13:10 R. Longacre Ultra-peripheral Au-Au physics at STAR
13:10 13:30 A. Prokudin Coulomb Interference in High-energy pp and pbar p scattering
Lunch break
chairman: B. Zakharov
16:30 17:00 M. Ciafaloni Small-x QCD behaviour with renormalization group improvements
17:00 17:30 V. Fadin Gluon Reggeization in QCD
17:30 18:00 B. Zakharov Light-cone path integral approach to the induced radiation in QED and QCD: basic concepts and recent applications
18:00 18:30 Coffee break
chairman: M. Ciafaloni
18:30 18:50 G.P. Vacca Small x evolution: BFKL vs Dipole Picture
18:50 19:10 A. Kotikov The longitudinal structure function F_L: pQCD and k_t-factorization versus experimental data at fixed W
19:10 19:30 A. Illarionov Small x behavior of parton distributions in the generalized doubled asymptotic scaling approximation

Monday, September 20

chairman: W. Guryn
9:00 9:30 K. Goulianos Diffraction in a nutshell
9:30 10:00 R. Ciesielski Recent ZEUS results on Vector Mesons
10:00 10:30 M. Capua ZEUS results on inclusive diffraction
10:30 11:00 Coffee break
chairman: E. Predazzi
11:00 11:30 M. Greco Structure functions at small x
11:30 12:00 R. Ball Progress in small x resummation
12:00 12:30 U. Maor Hard LRG as a probe of soft s-channel unitarity
12:30 12:50 E. Martynov Direct extraction of hadronic form factors from elastic scattering data
12:50 13:10 B. Kopeliovich Hard reactions at large Feynman x: Breakdown of QCD factorization
Lunch break
chairman: L. Lipatov
16:30 16:50 J.-L. Agram QCD and diffraction results from D0 run II
16:50 17:10 C. Mesropian Diffraction at CDF in Run II
17:10 17:30 D. Ivanov Hard vector meson production at next-to-leading order
17:30 17:50 I. Ivanov Reggeization of the positive-signature octet channel
17:50 18:20 Coffee break
chairman: U. Maor
18:20 18:40 O. Lengyel Phenomenology on the QCD dipole picture revisited
18:40 19:00 V. Zoller Triple-Pomeron Dynamics of DIS: Valence vs. Glue

Tuesday, September 21

chairman: C. Royon
9:00 9:30 R. Renner ZEUS results on diffractive dijets
9:30 10:00 S. Schätzel Measurements of the diffractive cross section and their QCD interpretation (H1)
10:00 10:20 J. Rautenberg Diffractive charged current (ZEUS)
10:20 10:40 V. Pozdniakov Study of double-tagged gamma-gamma interactions
10:40 11:10 Coffee break
chairman: V. Fadin
11:10 11:40 A. Kaidalov Diffractive processes and the problem of ``saturation''
11:40 12:10 N. Nikolaev Nonlinear k-factorization in DIS in the saturation regime: diffraction, shadowing, final states and all that
12:10 12:30 H. De Vega Reggeon Dynamics at non-zero temperature
12:30 12:50 A. Dorokhov Instanton effects in quark form factor and quark-quark scattering at high energy
12:50 13:10 I. Cherednikov QCD Instantons in high energy diffractive scattering

Wednesday, September 22

chairman: A. Bruni
9:00 9:20 O. Grebenyuk Exclusive electroproduction of pions and vector mesons at HERMES
9:20 9:40 G. Rakness Forward Pion Production in Hadron Collisions at STAR
9:40 10:00 A. Sandacz Diffractive rho^0 production at COMPASS experiment
10:00 10:20 K. Hiller High |t| diffraction and DVCS from H1
10:20 10:40 S. Vinokurova The diffractive production of charm and jets
10:40 11:00 B. Seitz Measurement of DVCS at HERMES
11:00 11:30 Coffee break
chairman: L. Jenkovszky
11:30 11:50 D. Schildknecht Saturation in DIS at low x
11:50 12:10 O. Selyugin Unitarity and saturation effects in diffractive scattering
12:10 12:30 W. Schäfer K_t factorisation for hard processes on nuclei in the saturation regime
12:30 12:50 N. Zotov Heavy quark production at LHC as a test of the k_t-factorization approach
12:50 13:10 A.R. Malecki Inclusive inelastic cross-sections of high energy hadron diffraction
Lunch break
chairman: N. Nikolaev
16:30 16:50 L. Lipatov DGLAP and BFKL evolution equations in supersymmetric gauge theories
16:50 17:10 A. Kyrieleis The NLO photon impact factor: First numerical results for the real corrections
17:10 17:30 E. Meggiolaro On the loop-loop scattering amplitudes in Abelian and non-Abelian gauge theories
17:30 17:50 A. Papa The virtual photon to light vector meson impact factor in the next-to-leading order
17:50 18:20 Coffee break
chairman: L. Pancheri
18:20 18:40 G. Watt Simultaneous QCD analysis of diffractive and inclusive DIS data
18:40 19:00 G. Musulmanbekov Dynamical quark model of hadrons and diffractive processes
19:00 19:20 F. Arash Hadronic Structure from perturbative dressing

Thursday, September 23

chairman: A. Kaidalov
9:00 9:50 A. Levy Overview talk of the experimental presentations
9:50 10:20 L. Jenkovszky General Parton Distributions, Analyticity and Crossing
10:20 10:50 L. Pancheri Total cross-sections and Bloch-Nordsieck Summation
10:50 11:20 Coffee break
chairman: A. Kaidalov
11:20 11:50 L. Lipatov Moebius representation for the Reggeized gluon interactions and Balitsky-Kovchegov equation
11:50 12:20 G. Shaw Colour Dipole Phenomenology
12:20 13:10 B. Kopeliovich Overview talk of the theoretical presentations
13:10 13:15 Greetings