Participants @ DIFFRACTION 2006

participant affiliation title of talk
1 Sergey Baranov Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow Polarization variables in diffractive J/psi electroproduction at HERA
2 Matthew Beckingham DESY Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Diffractive High t Photons at H1
3 Niklaus Berger ETH Zurich Vector mesons at H1
4 Alexander Borissov DESY Exclusive Diffractive Electroproduction of Vector Mesons at HERMES
5 Kerstin Borras DESY Topical summary of experimental results
6 Marcella Capua University of Calabria and INFN, Cosenza A Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering amplitude
7 Grigorios Chachamis Würzburg University NLO Photon Impact Factor: Present Status and Outlook
8 Gennaro Corcella University of Roma "La Sapienza" Soft-resummation corrections to parton distributions
9 Richard Croft University of Bristol Experimental Aspects of Central Exclusive Higgs Production
10 Riccardo Fabbri DESY Overview on exclusive processes at HERMES
11 Victor Fadin BINP, Novosibirsk Non-forward BFKL at NLO
12 Fabrizio Ferro INFN, Genova TOTEM experiment at the LHC: status and program
13 Roberto Fiore University of Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
14 Jeffrey Forshaw University of Manchester Diffractive Higgs production
Theory summary talk
15 Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati UFRGS, Porto Alegre Dilepton Backward Rapidity Distributions
16 Nikos Giokaris University of Athens
17 Sergey Goloskokov JINR, Dubna Diffractive vector meson leptoproduction and spin effects
18 Victor Goncalves UFPel, Pelotas Diffractive DIS in eA processes
19 Konstantin Goulianos The Rockefeller University, New York Diffraction at the Tevatron: CDF results
Renormalized diffractive parton densities and exclusive production
20 Mario Greco University of Roma III DIS Polarized structure functions at small x
21 Yoshitaka Hatta BNL, Upton Diffusive scaling and the high energy limit of DDIS
22 Karlheinz Hiller DESY
23 Alexei Illarionov SISSA, Trieste and JINR, Dubna The structure functions in frozen and analytic versions of strong coupling constant
24 Dmitry Ivanov Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk Electroproduction of pion pairs
25 Igor Ivanov INFN, Cosenza, and SIM, Novosibirsk Production of spin-3 mesons in diffractive DIS
26 Laszlo Jenkovszky BITP, Kiev A factorized Regge-pole model for Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
27 Oldrich Kepka Charles University, Prague
28 Irina Korzhavina SINP MSU, Moscow D*(2010) and dijet diffractive cross sections from the ZEUS experiment at HERA
29 Jan Kretzschmar DESY Inclusive DIS results at HERA
30 Alan Krisch Michigan University, Ann Arbor Hard Collisions of Spinning Protons: past, present and future
31 Christos Ktorides University of Athens
32 Krzysztof Kurek INS, Warsaw Gluon polarisation in the nucleon from COMPASS
33 Albrecht Kyrieleis University of Manchester Breakdown of QCD coherence?
34 Paul Laycock University of Liverpool Inclusive diffraction in DIS - H1 Results
35 Lev Lipatov PNPI, St. Petersburg Regge and Bjorken asymptotics in N=4 SUSY
36 Bernd Löhr DESY Inclusive diffraction at HERA from the ZEUS experiment
37 Leszek Lukaszuk INS, Warsaw Search for Odderon in the Parity Violating Amplitudes' Asymptotics
38 Volodymyr Magas University of Barcelona Continuation of the dual amplitude with Mandelstam analyticity off mass shell
39 Andrzej Malecki KEN Pedagogical University, Krakow The structure of forward peak in diffraction of high-energy hadrons
40 Uri Maor Tel Aviv University Impact parameter structure of soft and hard diffractive amplitudes
41 Matthias Mozer Heidelberg University Diffractive dijets and charm at H1
42 Vivian O'Dell Fermilab, Batavia Recent D0 results in Diffractive and Jet Physics
43 Risto Orava University of Helsinki Forward physics measurements at the LHC
44 Alessandro Papa University of Calabria and INFN, Cosenza NLO BFKL at work: the electroproduction of two light vector mesons
45 Alexei Prokudin INFN, Torino Semi Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering: nonperturbative and perturbative regimes
46 Lorenzo Rinaldi DESY Leading baryon production in ep collisions
47 Aidan Robson Glasgow University PDF Uncertainties at Hadron Colliders
48 Christophe Royon DAPNIA-SPP, CEA Saclay Luminosity measurements and diffractive physics in ATLAS
Hard diffraction at the LHC
49 Agustin Sabio Vera CERN Angular dependences in the small x region
50 Wolfgang Schäfer INP, Krakow Nonlinear k_t factorisation: recent progress and perspectives
51 Florian Schwennsen University of Hamburg NLO inclusive jet production in kt-factorization
52 Mathieu Segond LPT Orsay Production of rho meson pair in gamma-gamma collisions
53 Oleg Selyugin JINR, Dubna Comparison of different non-linear equations and corresponding unitarization schemes
54 Graham Shaw University of Manchester Further success of the colour dipole model
55 Philip Stephens IFJ-PAN, Krakow Numerical tools for the theoretical study of QCD at small x
56 Antoni Szczurek INP, Krakow Central meson production in diffractive processes
57 Janusz Szuba DESY
58 Dorota Szuba DESY Vector mesons at ZEUS
59 Sebastian White BNL, Upton Hard photoproduction in A-A collisions
60 Vladimir Zoller ITEP, Moscow Left and Right in small-x neutrino DIS