DIFFRACTION 2006 - Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by PoS - Proceedings of Science.

Authors are informed that their contribution will not be accepted if already published elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the instructions given in PoSauthmanual.pdf
Other useful files are:

- skeleton.tex
- PoS.cls (style file to be put in the same directory where the .tex file is)
- PoSlogo.pdf
- PoSlogo.ps
- PoStemplate.doc

The number of pages assigned for each contribution is

- 7 pages for a 20 min talk
- 10 pages for a 30 min talk
- 13 pages for a 40 min talk
- 16 pages for a 45 or 50 min talk.

Each contribution should be uploaded on the PoS Web site, according to instructions to be given later on.
The sharp deadline for manuscript submission is next October 31.