Scientific Program @ DIFFRACTION 2008

Tuesday, September 9

17:00 19:00 Registration
19:00 20:30 Welcome reception

Wednesday, September 10

8:30 8:55 Opening address
chairman: Jacques Soffer
8:55 9:20 R. Orava Detecting diffraction at the LHC
9:20 9:50 K. Goulianos Diffraction with CDF II at Tevatron
9:50 10:10 M. Albrow Exclusive Dilepton and Diphotons at CDF
10:10 10:40 - News from LHC start
10:40 11:00 Coffee break
chairman: Laszlo Jenkovszky
11:00 11:30 Alan Martin Diffractive processes at the LHC
11:30 11:55 P. Landshoff The total cross section at the LHC
11:55 12:20 André Martin Can one improve the Froissart bound?
12:20 12:40 C. Bourrely The BSW impact picture, 30 years after
12:40 13:00 M. B. Gay Ducati Higgs boson @ LHC: the diffractive opportunity
13:00 14:00 Lunch

Afternoon sessions

chairman: Alessandro Bravar
16:00 16:25 A. Solano Forward Physics with CMS
16:25 16:50 M. Obertino Observation of hard diffraction with CMS
16:50 17:10 R. Schicker ALICE diffractive physics in p-p and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC
17:10 17:30 Ch. Mesropian Rapidity Gaps between jets at CDF
17:30 17:55 Ch. Royon Forward Physics at the LHC
17:55 18:15 Coffee break
chairman: Wlodek Guryn
18:15 18:40 M. Braun Loops in the Reggeon model for hA scattering
18:40 19:10 T. Trainor Probing parton-medium interactions in heavy ion collisions with STAR
19:10 19:35 N. Katrynska Physics at Forward Rapidities - BRAHMS Experiment at RHIC
chairman: Uri Maor
16:00 16:20 E. Levin Soft processes at high energy without soft Pomeron: a QCD motivated model
16:20 16:45 H. Fried Summing All The Eikonal Graphs II
16:45 17:05 M. Rangel Hybrid pomeron model for exclusive events in diffraction
17:05 17:25 I. Cherednikov TMD PDF's: gauge invariance, RG properties and Wilson lines
17:25 17:45 D. Ivanov Diffractive jets production in pp-collisions
17:45 18:05 Coffee break
chairman: Alessandro Papa
18:05 18:25 N. Zotov Prompt photon production with k_T-factorization
18:25 18:45 G.P. Vacca Inclusive one jet production with multiple interactions in the Regge limit of pQCD
18:45 19:05 F. Caporale NLO BFKL in gamma* gamma* collisions
19:05 19:25 S. Wallon gamma* -> rhoT impact factor up to twist three accuracy
19:25 19:45 G.A. Chirilli Next-to-leading order evolution of color dipole in QCD and in N=4 SYM
19:45 20:05 H. Weigert Small x evolution in the CGC beyond the total cross section: accommodating diffraction and other restrictions on the final state
20:05     Dinner

Thursday, September 11

chairman: Marta Ruspa
9:00 9:25 V. Radescu H1-ZEUS Combined F2 and PDF Fits
9:25 9:50 A. Caldwell Measurements of F_L at HERA
9:50 10:20 R. Roosen Inclusive Diffraction and DPDF's on behalf of H1 and ZEUS
10:20 10:50 L. Favart Vector Mesons at HERA
10:50 11:10 Coffee break
chairman: Krzysztof Golec-Biernat
11:10 11:35 S. Yashchenko Latest results from DVCS at HERMES
11:35 12:05 D. Müller A partonic interpretation of deeply virtual Compton scattering at small x_Bj
12:05 12:25 M. Siddikov Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering in small-x kinematics
12:25 12:50 L. Jenkovszky Deeply virtual Compton scattering and related generalized parton distributions
12:50 14:00 Lunch

Afternoon sessions

chairman: Laurent Favart
16:00 16:20 M. Kapishin From HERA to the LHC (on behalf of the H1 and ZEUS collaborations)
16:20 16:40 M. Capua DVCS and high-t photons at HERA
16:40 17:00 A. Petrukhin Photoproduction-DIS transition
17:00 17:25 D. Schildknecht The color dipole picture and the ratio of the longitudinal and transverse photoabsorption cross section
17:25 17:45 D. Salek Geometric scaling in DIS
17:45 18:05 Coffee break
chairman: Nikolai Nikolaev
18:05 18:25 K. Golec-Biernat Diffractive parton distributions from the analysis with higher twist
18:25 18:45 A. Szczurek Mechanisms of exclusive meson production at high energies
18:45 19:05 F. Schwennsen Pomeron-Odderon interference in production of pion pairs in gamma-gamma collision
19:05 19:25 V. Magas J/Psi photo- and electroproduction in a dual model
19:25 19:45 E. Ferreira Vector meson electroproduction: recent data and universality
chairman: Michael Albrow
16:00 16:25 D. Silvermyr Photoproduction of J/psi and high mass e+e- in Ultra-Peripheral Au+Au Collisions at \sqrt{s_{NN}}=200 GeV
16:25 16:50 M. Shimomura Systematic Study of Elliptic Flow at RHIC-PHENIX
16:50 17:15 C.S. da Silva Heavy Flavor Production Measured by PHENIX Detector at RHIC
17:15 17:35 Coffee break
chairman: Igor Ivanov
17:35 17:55 Y. Srivastava Total Photo-production Cross-sections at High Energies
17:55 18:15 O. Selyugin Features at small angles scattering at LHC energies
18:15 18:40 F. Hautmann Unintegrated parton distributions
18:40 19:00 V. Petrov Nonlinear Regge Trajectories in Theory and Practice
19:00 19:20 S. Troshin Reflective scattering and unitarity
20:00     Dinner

Friday, September 12

chairman: Barbara Badelek
8:30 9:00 M. Anselmino The transverse spin structure of the nucleon
9:00 9:20 A. Courtoy The Sivers function in a Constituent Quark Model
9:20 9:45 O. Teryaev Single Spin Asymmetries and Duality
9:45 10:10 L. Gamberg Gluon Pole Matrix Elements Universality and Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries
10:10 10:30 Coffee break
chairman: Oleg Teryaev
10:30 11:00 B. Badelek Review of the COMPASS results
11:00 11:25 P. Kravchenko Measurement of Flavor Separated Quark Polarizations at HERMES
11:25 11:50 Y. Makdisi Transverse spin and TMD measurements with the PHENIX detector at RHIC
11:50 12:15 G. Igo Jet Production in Polarized pp Collisions at STAR
12:15 12:35 A. Bravar Spin Dependence in Elastic pp Scattering in the CNI region
12:35 13:35 Lunch
14:00 Departure of the boat for the excursion to the Islands
20:00 Conference "Gourmet Dinner"

Saturday, September 13

chairman: Yuri Kovchegov
9:00 9:25 J. Bartels Bern-Dixon-Smirnov amplitudes in N=4 SUSY
9:25 9:55 L. Lipatov BFKL Pomeron and the Bern-Dixon-Smirnov amplitudes in the N=4 supersymmetric model
9:55 10:25 V. Fadin BFKL approach and dipole picture
10:25 10:45 D. Ross Diffractive Processes Using Discrete BFKL Pomerons
10:45 11:00 Coffee break
chairman: Joachim Bartels
11:00 11:25 N. Nikolaev Multipomeron vertices in QCD
11:25 11:50 Yu. Kovchegov DIS in AdS
11:50 12:10 R. Ball Small x Resummation
12:10 12:30 G. de Teramond AdS/QCD
12:30 13:00 S. Brodsky Novel Aspects of QCD in Diffractive Physics
13:00 14:00 Lunch

Afternoon sessions

chairman: Wolfgang Schäfer
16:00 16:20 A. Stern Energy dependence of total photon-proton cross section at HERA
16:20 16:50 A. Bonato Factorisation in charm and jet processes in diffractive DIS and gamma-p
16:50 17:10 M.S. Soares Leading protons at HERA
17:10 17:30 V. Dodonov Leading Neutrons at HERA
17:30 17:55 M. Togawa Measurements of the leading neutron production in polarized p+p collision at RHIC
17:55 18:15 Coffee break
chairman: Dieter Müller
18:15 18:40 G. Pesaro Transverse spin effects at COMPASS
18:40 19:05 A. Rostomyan Transverse target-spin asymmetries for exclusive rho^0 and pi+ productions
19:05 19:30 I. Younus Recent PHENIX Results in Longitudinally Polarized p+p Collisions
19:30 19:55 C. Quintans Recent COMPASS results on Gluon Polarization
19:55 20:20 D. Tedeschi Photoproduction of Phi(1020) near Threshold with CLAS at Jefferson Lab
chairman: Eugene Levin
16:00 16:20 E. Gotsman Survival Probability at the LHC
16:20 16:40 U. Maor The Interplay Between Theory and Data in Recent Unitary Models
16:40 17:00 V. Goncalves Small-x physics in coherent pp interactions at LHC
17:00 17:20 I. Ivanov Central exclusive dijet production at hadron colliders
17:20 17:45 A. Borissov Exclusive Reactions at HERMES
17:45 18:05 V. Zoller Current non-conservation effects in diffractive neutrino DIS
18:05 18:25 Coffee break
chairman: Antoni Szczurek
18:25 18:45 S. Melis TMD's in Drell-Yan processes
18:45 19:05 A. Afanasev Diffraction in Elastic Polarized Electron-Hadron Scattering
19:05 19:25 F. Arash Polarized Parton distributions, Orbital Angular momentum and the deviation of a_8 from hyperon- beta decay results
19:25 19:45 N. Buttimore Forward helion scattering and neutron polarisation
20:20     Dinner

Sunday, September 14

chairman: Victor Fadin
8:30 8:55 S. Kahana Simulation of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions using Elastic and Diffractive NN Data as inputs
8:55 9:20 B. Zakharov Nuclear higher-twist effects in eA DIS
9:20 9:45 A. Kaidalov Anisotropic flows in Reggeon theory
9:45 10:05 W. Schäfer Multipomeron cuts and hard processes on nuclei
10:05 10:25 Coffee break
chairman: Konstantin Goulianos
10:25 10:55 J. Rak High p_T and Jets
10:55 11:20 W. Guryn Physics with Tagged Forward Protons and the STAR Detector at RHIC
11:20 11:40 J. Monk Jets and Gaps: Diffractive Physics with early ATLAS data
11:40 12:00 P. Puzo Elastic scattering and soft diffraction with ALFA
12:00 12:20 S. Cerci Forward jets and Mueller-Navelet dijet studies in CMS
12:20 13:30 Lunch