Participants @ DIFFRACTION 2010

participant affiliation title of talk
Abdellah Ahmidouch North Carolina A&T State University SANE of Jefferson Lab: Spin Asymmetries on the Nucleon Experiment
Michael Albrow Fermilab Double Pomeron exchange, from ISR to LHC
Firooz Arash Tafresh University Gluon contribution to the nucleon spin and the role of Orbital Angular Momentum
Sergey Baranov P.N. Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow Diffractive open charm production at HERA: experiment versus two-gluon exchange model
Vincenzo Barone Università del Piemonte Orientale and INFN, Alessandria Phenomenology of transverse spin and transverse momentum effects in hard processes
Rita Bertelli INFN, Frascati *** Conference Secretary ***
Franco Buccella Università di Napoli Federico II
Nigel Buttimore Trinity College Dublin Forward collisions and spin effects in evaluating amplitudes
Veronica Canoa Roman Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Francesco Caporale Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Marcella Capua Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Igor Cherednikov INFN, Cosenza Recent progress in theory of the transverse momentum parton densities
Giovanni Antonio Chirilli CPHT-Polytechnique & LPT d'Orsay The photon impact factor for DIS at NLO: analytic result
Giacinto Ciappetta Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Claudio Ciofi degli Atti Università di Perugia and INFN, Perugia Diffraction on nuclei: effects of nucleon-nucleon correlations and inelastic shadowing within an improved Glauber-Gribov approach
Anna Cisek Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Krakow Exclusive production of vector mesons in p-p and p-pbar collisions
Gustavo Gil da Silveira UFRGS, Porto Alegre Diffractive Higgs boson photoproduction in Ultraperipheral Collisions at LHC
Lara De Nardo Universty of Gent Inclusive measurements of inelastic lepton scattering on unpolarized hydrogen and deuterium targets at 27.6 GeV
Emmanuel de Oliveira Universty of Durham
Oleg Eyser UC Riverside Forward MPC dihadrons with d+Au
Viktor Fadin BINP, Novosibirsk Quasi-conformal shape of the BFKL kernel and impact factors for scattering of colourless particles
Laurent Favart Université Libre de Bruxelles HERA inclusive diffractive data
Salvatore Fazio BNL Diffraction with EIC
Fabrizio Ferro INFN, Genova First data from the TOTEM experiment at LHC
Roberto Fiore Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Horst Fischer ALU Freiburg Spin physics at COMPASS
Christoffer Flensburg Lund University Fluctuations, saturation, and diffraction with DIPSY
Jan Friederich TU München Meson spectroscopy in diffractive dissociation of high-energetic pions at COMPASS
M. Beatriz Gay Ducati UFRGS, Porto Alegre Single diffractive Higgs production at the LHC
Mayya Golembiovskaya DESY Exclusive electroproduction of vector mesons at HERMES
Konstantin Goulianos The Rockefeller University 1. Diffraction news from CDF
2. Diffractive and total pp cross sections at the LHC and beyond
Senta Greene Vanderbilt University Overview of the latest results in heavy ion physics from the PHENIX detector at RHIC
Wlodek Guryn BNL Recent results and future plans for central production with tagged forward protons at STAR
Gerardo Herrera Corral Depto de Fisica, CINVESTAV A new detector array for Diffractive Physics in ALICE at the LHC
Achim Hillenbrand DESY Latest results on transverse momentum dependent distribution functions at HERMES
George Igo University of California, Los Angeles W boson production in polarized p+p collisions at RHIC
Dmitry Ivanov Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk
Igor Ivanov Université de Liege
Prometeusz Jasinski Institut für Kernphysik, Mainz Hadron spectroscopy in diffractive and central production processes at COMPASS
Laszlo Jenkovszky BITP, Kiev Low-mass diffraction dissociation at the LHC
Valery Khoze IPPP, University of Durham
& PNPI, St. Petersburg
Standard candle processes at the Tevatron, LHC and RHIC
Boris Kopeliovich Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso Gluon saturation in saturated environment
Oleg Kouznetsov CEA Saclay Prospects for DVCS measurements using COMPASS spectrometer at CERN
Sebastian Kuhn Old Dominion University DIS and SIDIS at Jefferson Lab
Krzysztof Kutak University of Antwerp Forward jet production at the Large Hadron Collider
Mikael Kuusela University of Helsinki Multivariate techniques for identifying diffractive interactions at the LHC
Eugene Levin UTFSM/Tel Aviv University Hadron inclusive production at the LHC
Lev Lipatov PNPI, St. Petersburg Effective actions for high energy scattering in QCD and in gravity
Mairon Machado Instituto de Física-UFRGS, Porto Alegre Estimation of single and double diffractive heavy quarks production at the LHC
Janusz Malka University of Lodz Vector mesons and DVCS at HERA
Uri Maor Tel Aviv University Pomeron induced physics at LHC energies and above
Alan Martin IPPP, Durham Diffraction at the LHC: a model to merge soft and hard interactions
Christina Mesropian The Rockefeller University
Beatrice Murdaca Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Morgan Murray University of Glasgow DVCS @ HERMES: an overview
Bernhard Musch JLab Transverse momentum distributions inside the nucleon from lattice QCD
Paul Newman Birmingham University 1. ZEUS and H1 inclusive DIS data and fits
2. Diffraction in DIS and its relation to LHC
Risto Orava University of Helsinki Detecting diffraction at the LHC
Vassilis Pandis DESY Higgs production via gluon fusion in kt factorisation
Alessandro Papa Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Roman Pasechnik Uppsala University Soft color screening effects in diffractive DIS
Stephen Pate New Mexico State University PHENIX measurement of parity-violating single spin asymmetry in W production in p+p collisions at 500 GeV
Amedeo Perri Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Andy Pilkington IPPP Durham and Manchester Review of recent LHC results on forward physics/diffraction
Martin Poghosyan Università di Torino and INFN, Torino The ALICE experiment at LHC: results and perspectives for diffractive physics
Alexey Prokudin JLab Spin physics at Electron Ion Collider
Amir Rezaeian Santa Maria Universidad, Valparaiso Hadron multiplicity in nuclear collisions at the LHC from the CGC
Benoit Roland University of Antwerp Forward physics at CMS
Vittorio Romano Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Douglas Ross Southampton University Fitting HERA data at low-x using a modified BFKL kernel
Marco Rossi Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza Beyond cusp anomalous dimension from integrability
Christophe Royon IRFU-SPP, CEA Saclay 1. Diffraction at D0
2. Anomalous WW gamma quartic and trilinear coupling in photon-induced processes
Marta Ruspa Università del Piemonte Orientale
Roman Ryutin IHEP, Protvino pi-p and pi-pi scattering: towards the first LHC results
David Salek IPNP Charles University, Prague 1. FLD at HERA
2. Scaling properties in deep inelastic scattering
Murad Sarsour Georgia State University Overview of the PHENIX transverse and longitudinal spin physics program
Rainer Schicker University of Heidelberg Central diffraction in ALICE (for the ALICE collaboration)
Ivan Schmidt Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso Novel effects in J/Psi production in Nuclei
Oleg Selyugin JINR, Dubna Long range hadron potential and the fine structure of the diffraction peak
Kirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky CPHT Ecole Polytechnique A spectral representation for the baryon to meson and baryon to photon TDAs
Ramoona Shehzadi University of Bonn Jets and heavy flavors at HERA
Jacques Soffer Temple University, Philadelphia Recent progress in the statistical approach of the parton distributions
Ada Solano Università di Torino and INFN, Torino DPDF fits and factorisation tests at HERA
Yogendra Srivastava Università di Perugia and INFN, Perugia Modelling pion and proton total cross-sections at LHC
Dmitry Svirida ITEP, Moscow Results on transverse spin asymmetries in the polarized proton-proton elastic scattering in the CNI region at STAR
Marek Tasevsky Institute of Physics of ASCR, Prague Diffraction and central exclusive production at ATLAS
Enrico Tassi Università della Calabria and INFN, Cosenza
Sergey Troshin IHEP, Protvino Unitarity and the color confinement
Antonio Vilela Pereira Università di Torino and INFN, Torino CMS results on diffraction
Sebastian White BNL 1. Physics with forward neutrons
2. PHENIX results on spin dependent neutron asymmetry
Vladimir Zoller ITEP, Moscow Higher twist effects in small x neutrino DIS
Nikolay Zotov SINP, Moscow State University Study of non-collinear parton dynamics in the prompt photon photoproduction at HERA

Total of 92 registered people.