Scientific Program @ DIFFRACTION 2010

Friday, September 10
17:00 19:00 Registration
19:00 20:30 Welcome drink

Saturday, September 11
8:30 8:45 Opening address
8:45 9:15 Speeches by E. Levin and A. Martin in memory of Alexei Kaidalov
Morning session: DIFFRACTION IN DIS
chairperson: Laurent Favart
9:15 9:40 P. Newman Inclusive DIS at HERA
9:40 10:00 R. Shehzadi Jets and heavy flavours at HERA
10:00 10:20 L. De Nardo Inclusive measurements of inelastic lepton scattering on unpolarized hydrogen and deuterium targets at 27.6 GeV
10:20 10:45 S. Kuhn DIS and SIDIS at JLab
10:45 11:05 Coffee break
chairperson: Marta Ruspa
11:05 11:30 L. Favart HERA inclusive diffractive data
11:30 11:50 D. Salek Measurement of the longitudinal structure function in diffraction FLD
11:50 12:10 A. Solano Diffractive PDF fits and factorisation tests at HERA
12:10 12:30 D. Ross Low-x Gluon Distribution from a Discrete Version of the BFKL Pomeron
12:30 12:50 P. Newman Diffraction in DIS and its relation to LHC
13:15 Lunch
Afternoon session: DIFFRACTION IN DIS
chairperson: Ada Solano
16:00 16:20 J. Malka Vector meson production and DVCS at HERA
16:20 16:40 M. Golembiovskaya Hard exclusive vector meson leptoproduction at HERMES
16:40 17:00 M. Murray DVCS @ HERMES
17:00 17:20 O. Kouznetsov Prospects for DVCS measurements using COMPASS spectrometer at CERN
17:20 17:40 A. Cisek Exclusive production of vector mesons in pp and p-pbar collisions
17:40 18:00 S. Baranov Diffractive open charm at HERA: experiment versus two-gluon exchange model
18:00 18:20 Coffee break
chairperson: Igor Ivanov
18:20 18:40 V. Zoller UHE neutrinos: current non-conservation, mass scales, saturation
18:40 19:00 D. Salek Geometric scaling
19:00 19:20 R. Pasechnik Soft color screening effects in diffractive DIS
19:20 19:40 N. Zotov Study of non-collinear parton dynamics in the prompt photon photoproduction at HERA
20:30 Dinner

Sunday, September 12
Morning session: SPIN (EXPERIMENT)
chairperson: Jacques Soffer
8:30 9:05 M. Sarsour Overview of the PHENIX transverse and longitudinal spin physics program
9:05 9:25 S. Pate PHENIX measurement of parity-violating single spin asymmetry in W production in p+p Collisions at 500 GeV
9:25 9:45 S. White Forward neutron asymmetries spin dependent and otherwise
9:45 10:05 G. Igo Measurement of the parity-violating longitudinal single-spin asymmetry for W boson production in polarized proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)=500 GeV
10:05 10:25 D. Svirida Results on transverse spin asymmetries in the polarized proton-proton elastic scattering in the CNI region at STAR
10:25 10:45 Coffee break
chairperson: Murad Sarsour
10:45 11:05 A. Ahmidouch SANE of Jefferson Lab: Spin Asymmetries on the Nucleon Experiment
11:05 11:25 A. Hillenbrand Latest results on transverse momentum dependent distribution functions
11:25 11:45 H. Fischer Review of COMPASS spin physics
11:45 12:05 P. Jasinski Hadron spectroscopy in diffractive and central production processes at COMPASS
12:05 12:25 J. Friedrich Meson spectroscopy in diffractive dissociation of high-energetic pions at COMPASS
13:15 Lunch
chairperson: Christina Mesropian
16:00 16:20 Ch. Royon D0 results on diffraction
16:20 16:40 K. Goulianos Diffraction news from CDF
16:40 17:00 R. Orava Detecting (elastic and inelastic) diffraction at the LHC
17:00 17:20 A. Vilela Pereira CMS results on diffraction
17:20 17:40 M. Tasevsky Diffraction and central exclusive production at ATLAS
17:40 18:00 Coffee break
chairperson: Risto Orava
18:00 18:20 B. Roland Forward physics at CMS
18:20 18:40 M. Poghosyan The ALICE experiment at LHC: results and perspectives for diffractive physics
18:40 19:00 F. Ferro First data from TOTEM experiment at LHC
19:00 19:20 G. Herrera Corral A new detector array for diffractive physics in ALICE at the LHC
19:20 19:40 A. Pilkington QCD, diffraction and forward physics at the LHC
20:30 Dinner

Monday, September 13
Morning session: PROGRESS IN QCD
chairperson: Dmitry Ivanov
8:30 8:50 L. Lipatov Effective actions for high energy scattering in QCD and in gravity
8:50 9:10 V. Fadin Quasi-conformal shape of the BFKL kernel and impact factors for scattering of colourless particles
9:10 9:30 G. A. Chirilli The photon impact factor for DIS at NLO: analytic result
9:30 9:50 M. Rossi Beyond cusp anomalous dimension from integrability (in N=4 SYM)
9:50 10:10 K. Semenov-Tian-Shansky A spectral representation for the baryon to meson and baryon to photon TDAs
10:10 10:30 Group picture and coffee break
Morning session: SATURATION
chairperson: Laszlo Jenkovszky
10:30 10:50 E. Levin Hadron production at the LHC: any indication of new phenomena?!
10:50 11:10 B. Kopeliovich Gluon saturation in a saturated environment
11:10 11:30 I. Schmidt Novel effects in J/Psi production in Nuclei
11:30 11:50 A. Rezaeian Hadron multiplicity in Nuclear Collisions at the LHC from the CGC
11:50 12:10 Ch. Flensburg Fluctuations, saturation and diffractive excitation
12:10 12:30 V. Pandis Higgs production via gluon fusion in kt factorisation
13:15 Lunch
Guided tour of the town of Lecce, including the welcome address of the Head of the Province of Lecce in Palazzo dei Celestini
20:30 Dinner

Tuesday, September 14
Morning session: SPIN (THEORY)
chairperson: Alexei Prokudin
8:30 8:50 J. Soffer Recent progress in the statistical approach of the parton distributions
8:50 9:10 F. Arash Gluon polarization in nucleon spin and the role of angular momentum
9:10 9:30 N. Buttimore Forward collisions and spin effects in evaluating amplitudes
9:30 9:50 V. Barone Phenomenology of transverse spin and transverse-momentum effects in hard processes
9:50 10:10 B. Musch Transverse momentum distributions inside the nucleon from lattice QCD
10:10 10:30 I. Cherednikov Transverse momentum parton distributions: recent progress in theory
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
chairperson: Wlodek Guryn
10:50 11:10 S. Greene Overview of recent results for p+p, d+A, and flow from the PHENIX detector at RHIC
11:10 11:30 O. Eyser Forward MPC dihadrons with d+Au
11:30 11:50 C. Ciofi degli Atti Nucleon-nucleon correlations and Gribov inelastic shadowing in nuclear collisions
11:50 12:10 A. Prokudin EIC transverse spin physics
12:10 12:30 S. Fazio Exclusive diffraction with an EIC/eRHIC
12:45 Lunch
chairperson: Boris Kopeliovich
14:00 14:20 A. Martin Diffraction at the LHC: a model to merge soft and hard interactions
14:20 14:40 V. Khoze Central Diffractive Processes at the Tevatron, RHIC and LHC
14:40 15:00 U. Maor Pomeron induced physics at LHC energies and above
15:00 15:25 K. Goulianos Diffractive and total pp cross sections at the LHC and beyond
15:25 15:45 Coffee break
chairperson: Uri Maor
15:45 16:05 R. Ryutin pi-p and pi-pi scattering: towards the first LHC results
16:05 16:25 K. Kutak Forward jet production at the Large Hadron Collider
16:25 16:45 L. Jenkovszky Low-mass diffraction dissociation at the LHC
16:45 17:05 Y. Srivastava Modelling pion and nucleon total cross-sections
Guided tour of the town of Otranto, including the visit to the Cathedral and to the Castle.
20:30 Social dinner

Wednesday, September 15
chairperson: Christophe Royon
8:30 8:50 S. White The ATLAS ZDC recent results on performance
8:50 9:10 W. Guryn Present and future of central production with STAR detector at RHIC
9:10 9:30 R. Schicker Central diffraction in ALICE
9:30 9:50 M. Kuusela Multivariate techniques for identifying diffractive interactions at the LHC
9:50 10:10 O. Selyugin Long range hadron potential and fine structure of the diffraction peak
10:10 10:30 M. Albrow Double Pomeron exchange, from the ISR (via the Tevatron) to the LHC
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
chairperson: Alan Martin
10:50 11:10 S. Troshin Unitarity and the color confinement
11:10 11:30 M.B. Gay Ducati Single diffractive Higgs production at the LHC
11:30 11:50 G. Gil da Silveira Higgs boson photoproduction at LHC
11:50 12:10 M. Machado Diffractive heavy quark production in AA collisions at the LHC at NLO
12:10 12:30 Ch. Royon Quartic WW gamma gamma and ZZ gamma gamma and and trilinear anomalous gauge couplings at the LHC
12:30 Closing ceremony
13:15 Lunch