Programme @ DIFFRACTION 2012

Monday, September 10
17.00 20.00 Registration
19.00 20.30 Welcome drink
20.30 22.00 Dinner

Tuesday, September 11
8.20 8.30 Opening address
chairperson: Risto Orava
8.30 8.55 A. de Roeck News from the LHC
8.55 9.20 J. Pinfold Postcards from the High Energy Frontier
9.20 9.40 U. Maor Bounds on soft scattering in the TeV-scale
9.40 10.00 A. Martin Low-mass Drell-Yan production at the LHC; and treatment of the infrared region in pQCD
10.00 10.20 V. Khoze New results on central exclusive production at hadron colliders
10.20 10.40 Coffee break
chairperson: Marta Ruspa
10.40 11.00 E. Tassi Inclusive DIS at HERA and PDFs
11.00 11.20 L. Goerlich Recent results from low-x and forward physics at HERA
11.20 11.50 M. Murray Physics Updates from HERMES
11.50 12.10 W. Melnitchouk Overview of structure function measurements at Jefferson Lab
12.10 12.30 V. Bertone Parton distributions with LHC data
12.30 13.00 H. Kowalski Diffraction at HERA
13.00 15.00 Lunch
chairperson: Douglas Ross
15.30 15.50 D. Salek Inclusive Diffraction at HERA
15.50 16.10 M. Ruspa Combined inclusive diffractive cross sections measured with forward proton spectrometers at HERA
16.10 16.30 M. Capua Connections between diffraction in DIS and diffraction at the LHC
16.30 16.50 C. Salas Fitting DIS data at low values of Bjorken x
16.50 17.10 L. Motyka On an evidence of higher twist emergence in DDIS at HERA
17.10 17.30 B. Kopeliovich Diffractive neutrino interactions
17.30 17.50 Coffee break
chairperson: Morgan Murray
17.50 18.10 J. Nemchik Color Transparency in Incoherent Electroproduction of rho Mesons off Nuclei
18.10 18.30 D. Szuba Exclusive production at HERA
18.30 18.50 A. Ferrero GPD physics with polarized muon beams at COMPASS
18.50 19.10 S. Fazio GPDs at an Electron Ion Collider
19.10 19.30 L. Jenkovszky Reggeometry of lepton- and hadron-induced exclusive diffractive processes
19.30 19.50 R. Sandapen An AdS/QCD holographic wavefunction for the rho meson
19.50 20.10 M. Djuric Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering from Gauge/Gravity Duality
20.10 22.00 Dinner

Wednesday, September 12
chairperson: Jacques Soffer
8.30 8.50 M. Luszczak Diffractive production of charm quark/antiquark pairs at RHIC and LHC
8.50 9.10 M. Melo Machado Quarkonium+gamma production in gamma-proton interactions at LHC
Session: SPIN
9.10 9.35 K.-F. Liu Where does the spin of the proton come from?
9.35 10.00 B.-Q. Ma Where is the proton missing spin?
10.00 10.25 U. D'Alesio Transversity: theory and phenomenology
10.25 10.45 A. Metz Single spin asymmetries in inclusive DIS and in hadronic collisions
10.45 11.05 Coffee break
chairperson: Jacques Soffer
11.05 11.25 C. Lorce Accessing the quark orbital angular momentum with Wigner distributions
11.25 11.40 F. Arash Orbital Angular Momentum in Nucleon
11.40 12.00 B. Kopeliovich Azimuthal asymmetry of forward neutrons in polarized pp collisions
12.00 12.15 I. Scimemi Evolution and definition of TMD's
12.15 12.40 A. Krisch Violent Collisions of Spinning Protons: Past, Present & Perhaps at Fermilab
12.40 13.05 K. Barish Recent Results from the PHENIX Spin Program
13.05 15.00 Lunch
chairperson: Alan Krisch
15.30 15.50 G. Igo New results obtained with transversely polarized protons in p-p collisions at RHIC
15.50 16.05 W. Guryn Transverse spin asymmetries in the CNI region in polarized proton-proton elastic scattering at STAR
16.05 16.30 B. Surrow Recent results on the gluon polarization and W production program in polarized p+p collisions at RHIC
16.30 16.55 Y. Prok Overview of Spin Structure Program at Jefferson Lab
16.55 17.20 F. Kunne Overview of Spin Studies at COMPASS
17.20 17.35 P. Sznajder Exclusive meson production at COMPASS
17.35 17.55 Coffee break
chairperson: Wlodek Guryn
17.55 18.15 W. Schaefer Photoproduction of vector mesons: from gamma proton to nucleus nucleus collisions
18.15 18.40 G. Van Buren STAR: Characterizing Hot Quark Matter
18.40 19.00 L. Adamczyk Central Exclusive Production with the STAR detector at RHIC
19.00 19.20 D. Tapia Takaki J/psi measurements in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE
19.20 19.40 C. Ciofi degli Atti An Improved Glauber-Gribov Approach to Diffractive Hadron-Nucleus Scattering
19.40 20.00 H. Hakobyan PDF Studies of Hadronization Mechanisms using Pion Electroproduction in Deep Inelastic Scattering from Nuclei
20.00 20.15 N. Buttimore Polarizing Helium-3 for down quark spin enrichment
20.15 22.00 Dinner

Thursday, September 13
Morning session: PROGRESS IN QCD (I)
chairperson: Dmitry Ivanov
8.30 8.50 A. Efremov Regge trajectories in QCD
8.50 9.10 V. Fadin NLO BFKL kernel for the adjoint representation of the gauge group
9.10 9.30 D. Ross BFKL Evolution as a Communicator Between Small and Large energy Scales
9.30 9.50 J. Bartels Next-to-leading order corrections to the BKP evolution
9.50 10.10 L. Lipatov Integrability of the BKP equations for multi-reggeon composite states and new solutions for the Odderon problem in LLA
10.10 10.30 A. Szczurek Production of one and two c-cbar pairs at LHC
10.30 10.50 N. Zotov Associated photon and heavy quark production within k_T-factorization
10.50 11.10 Coffee break
chairperson: Christophe Royon
11.10 11.30 M. Albrow Central Exclusive Production in CDF at the Tevatron p-pbar Collider
11.30 11.50 K. Goulianos Diffractive dijet production at CDF
11.50 12.10 A. Solano CMS results on soft and hard diffraction
12.10 12.30 M. Tasevsky Results on diffraction from the ATLAS experiment
12.30 12.50 R. Ulrich Low-x Physics results from CMS
12.50 13.10 R. Orava Measurements of Inelastic pp Interactions at the LHC
13.10 15.00 Lunch
15.00 18.30 Excursion to Los Jameos del Agua and la Cueva de los Verdes
18.30 22.00 Dinner

Friday, September 14
chairperson: Boris Kopeliovich
8.30 8.50 Ch. Royon Jet gap jet at the LHC
8.50 9.10 A. Martin Partonic description of soft high energy pp interactions
9.10 9.30 K. Goulianos Predictions of diffractive cross sections in proton-proton collisions
9.30 9.50 E. Gotsman Accounting for soft cross sections at the LHC
9.50 10.10 J. Soffer Do we understand elastic scattering up to LHC energies?
10.10 10.30 E. Ferreira Amplitudes and observables in pp elastic scattering at 7 TeV
10.30 10.50 Coffee break
chairperson: Nigel Buttimore
10.50 11.10 G. Pancheri Have we reached asymptotia in pp scattering?
11.10 11.30 I. Ivanov Probing the phase of the elastic pp scattering amplitude with vortex proton beams
11.30 11.50 P. Lebiedowicz Exclusive production of meson pairs and resonances in proton-proton collisions
11.50 12.10 R. Kolevatov All-loop calculations of total, elastic and diffractive cross sections in RFT via the stochastic approach
12.10 12.30 S. Troshin Energy evolution of the large-t elastic scattering and correlation with multiparticle production
12.30 12.50 A. Godizov The current stage of understanding and description of hadronic elastic diffraction
12.50 13.10 C. Lorce Spin and diffractive physics with A Fixed-Target ExpeRiment at the LHC (AFTER@LHC)
13.10 15.00 Lunch
chairperson: Henri Kowalski
15.30 15.55 H. Fried A New, Analytic, Non-Perturbative, Gauge-Invariant Formulation of Realistic QCD
15.55 16.15 V. Zoller Low x: diffusion, screening, fusion
16.15 16.35 D. Schildknecht The Color Dipole Picture
16.35 16.55 Yu. Kovchegov Running Coupling Corrections to Nonlinear Evolution for Diffractive Dissociation
16.55 17.15 M.B. Gay Ducati Momentum space dipole amplitude for DIS and inclusive hadron production
17.15 17.35 E. Levin Nuclear Modification factor for gluon jet
17.35 17.55 Coffee break
chairperson: Risto Orava
17.55 18.15 L. Jenkovszky Low-mass, single- and double diffraction dissociation at the LHC
18.15 18.35 F. Reidt Central Diffraction in Proton-Proton Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with ALICE at LHC
18.35 18.55 G. Herrera Corral Status and Perspectives of ALICE at the LHC
18.55 19.15 T. Zenis Measurement of the inelastic pp Cross Section with the ATLAS detector
19.15 19.35 D. Volyanskyy Forward Physics at LHCb
19.35 19.55 Ch. Royon Diffraction at the LHC: anomalous couplings and diffractive Higgs
19.55 20.15 A. Borissov Neutral meson production with ALICE at the LHC
22.00 Social dinner

Saturday, September 15
chairperson: Rainer Schicker
8.30 8.50 M. Deile Measurements of Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering and Total Cross-Section at the LHC by TOTEM
8.50 9.10 O. Villalobos Baillie Measurements of Diffractive and Inelastic Cross Section with ALICE at the LHC
9.10 9.30 W. Li CMS results on central exclusive production
9.30 9.50 S.-U. Chung Diffractive Dissociation at COMPASS: pi- to 5 pi- at 190 GeV/c
9.50 10.00 L. Chytka Status of the ATLAS AFP project
10.00 10.10 M. Albrow Status of the CMS High Precision Spectrometer Project
10.10 10.30 J. D. Madrigal Lipatov's Effective Action beyond Tree Level
10.30 10.50 M. Hentschinski On the use of the high energy effective action for low x phenomenology
10.50 11.10 Coffee break
chairperson: Joachim Bartels
11.10 11.30 F. Van Der Veken Evolution of cusped light-like Wilson loops, TMDs and geometry of the loops space
11.30 11.50 I. Balitsky Photon impact factor and k_t-factorization for DIS in the next-to-leading order
11.50 12.10 B. Murdaca NLO forward jet vertex
12.10 12.30 D. Ivanov Inclusive production of a pair of rapidity-separated, high p_t hadrons in proton collisions
12.30 12.50 F. Caporale Mueller-Navelet jets in high energy hadron collisions
12.50 13.10 C. Marquet Description of the ATLAS jet veto measurement using the Banfi-Marchesini-Smye equation
13.10 15.00 Lunch