Diffraction in e-p collisions (experiment/phenomenology/theory)
[Conveners: Marta Ruspa, ruspa -at- mail.desy.de;
Douglas Ross, dar -at- phys.soton.ac.uk]

Inclusive DIS: total cross sections, structure functions, heavy flavors
Inclusive diffraction and dijets in DIS
Hard diffractive photoproduction

Exclusive final states in diffractive DIS (vector mesons, DVCS, etc.)
Generalized parton distributions
Analyticity/duality models of inclusive/diffractive reactions; Pomeron trajectory
Processes with Odderon exchange


Diffraction in hadron-hadron collisions (experiment)
[Conveners: Christina Mesropian, christina.mesropian -at- rockefeller.edu;

Risto Orava, risto.orava -at- cern.ch]

Soft and hard diffraction at the hadron colliders (RHIC, Tevatron, LHC)
Total and inelastic cross section measurements
Central exclusive production (RHIC, Tevatron, LHC)
Forward physics at the LHC
Gamma-p and gamma-gamma collisions at hadron colliders
Low-x physics at LHC


Diffraction in hadron-hadron collisions (phenomenology/theory)
[Convener: Boris Kopeliovich, boris.kopeliovich -at- usm.cl]

Single and double diffraction dissociation
Multi-gap diffraction
Diffractive production at forward rapidities of heavy flavours, gauge bosons, Drell-Yan dileptons and Higgs
Phenomenology of gap survival probability
Monte Carlo for soft processes


Spin Physics
[Conveners: Zein-Eddine Meziani, meziani -at- temple.edu;
Jacques Soffer, jacques.soffer -at- gmail.com

New results on spin physics
Spin and polarization physics
Prospects in spin physics


Diffraction in nuclear physics
[Convener: Wlodek Guryn, guryn -at- bnl.gov]

Heavy ion collisions at RHIC
Phenomenology of diffraction off nuclei
Ultraperipheral collisions
QCD studies of nuclear collisions

Progress in QCD
[Conveners: Dmitry Ivanov, d-ivanov -at- math.nsc.ru;
Larry McLerran, mclerran -at- quark.phy.bnl.gov]

Perturbative QCD and factorization issues
Leading-twist diffraction and the breakdown of pQCD factorization theorems

Leading-twist diffractive DIS and nuclear shadowing
Non-universal antishadowing
Progress in AdS/QCD and related topics
Diffractive dijet, hadrons light-front wavefunction from AdS/QCD, and color transparency
New results in the BFKL physics
New results in the color dipole/kt-factorization approach
New results within the Color Glass Condensate model

Saturation and evolution
Diffraction from non-perturbative QCD