Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Physics (2020)

Excited States and Collective Excitations of Low-Dimensional Electrons

Drawing on our consolidate expertise in numerical simulations of excited-state and non-equilibrium propertiesof condensed matter, we are interested in candidates with strong skills in ab initio modeling of nano materials, viaDensity Functional Theory (DFT), Time Dependent (TD) DFT, Many Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) and Green's Function (GF)techniques. The position is intended for a researcher who will deal with the electronic and optical properties of suitable two-dimensional materials that are currently envisioned to have a deep impact in quantum technology and quantum information  processing. Such a theme is the focus of an Italian national project established in 2017 and abbreviated as NEMESYS, which has been coordinated by the LNF-CS group, and funded by the INFN up to the end of 2020. A newly and upgraded specific initiative on the same topics, abbreviated as Time2Quest, has been recently approved forfunding in 2021 to 2023. The selected candidate is expected to be part of the LNF-CS group and cooperate with the other units involved in the new project.

INFN Projects in Theoretical Physics

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